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April 08, 2010

Love Bites

During courtship, male sharks bite the females. Guests who were lucky enough to witness Wild Reef’s bamboo sharks during breeding season last month saw pretty aggressive courting. At the same time, they learned that it’s all natural behavior for strong, healthy males temporarily powered by testosterone. Also, sharks have tough, fairly impenetrable skin, and bamboo sharks have teeth designed for crushing crab shells, not stabbing or shearing. Aquarists keeping an eye on them reported that all was well. Zebra sharks, which you’ll see in this video shot underwater in Wild Reef, appear more gentle. The male grasps the female’s tail in his mouth and swims behind her. It works – this female is mom to a record 86 pups.

April 01, 2010

Fish of the Month - wild Pacific halibut

Not long ago, the Right Bite team visited Whole Foods Market to purchase ingredients for one of our sustainable seafood cooking demos. (The next one is on April 6 in the Oceans gallery. Join us to learn how to prepare the recipe at the end of this post!) At the register, we noticed some fun gift cards on display. They had the phrase "Just for the Halibut" printed on them – ha! Coincidentally, those gift cards highlight Shedd’s April Fish of the Month: wild Pacific halibut. Continue reading "Fish of the Month - wild Pacific halibut" »

Most content courtesy of Shedd Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium