The Demonic Mission
Demons and Darlings is and always has been a not-for-profit community organization. Our mission is to keep the "dark underground" art scene alive, keep our community together by being a gateway to connect artists with fans, merchants with customers, neighbors with their community, and to introduce and educate more people about the wonderful indie artisans we have in the "gothic", "industrial", and similar dark underground cultures.

We are a group of people focused toward unifying the "dark culture" in Chicago and beyond. We are not a production company in the standard right, but instead we create events and work together with other artistic and cultural groups to achieve our goal. Feel free to contact any of us with your comments, suggestions, and even criticisms (be a Darling though!). Please visit Dispense if you'd like to submit info or other comments which are not covered in the topics below.

Thanks to the founders of the Gothic Council of Chicago, Galen and Linda for creating this idea and for all their hard work to get it started. Linda and/or Galen may return to volunteer with Demons and Darlings, but for now, they're taking a, hopefully restful, hiatus away from event planning & production.

Who We Are

Visit us at our MySpace Profile and MySpace Group!

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Demon Director

aka Crazy Person Who Runs This Thing, Treasurer, Talent Liaison, Advertising & Sponsorship Coordinator, Co-promotional Liaison, Website Admin, Demon Drink creator & whatever else.
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Demons and Darlings volunteers assist with running the Demons and Darlings table, talent transportation, street team, event production and more. Its rarely "easy", but it can be fun and a great experience!

Angi & George: Street Team, Event Production Assistants

Ann: Event Production Assistant

Brian: Street Team, Add'l Transportation

Brianne: Resident DJ, Production Assistant

Cristos: Production Assistant & Talent Transport

Cynthia: Street Team, Add'l Transportation, Event Production Assistant

Jasmyn: Cashier, Event Decor & Production Assistant

Kitten: Merchandise and Production Assistant

Kristin: Street Team, Horror Theme Event Specialist, Chicago Creepster owner

*remove nIxtHeSP@M from email addresses before sending

Become a Darling!

Volunteer! If we begin hosting events in Chicago again, a contact for volunteers will be available here and elsewhere.
For events we often need people who want to help with street team, event decorating, and many other things that need to be done. This may apply to other, non-Demons and Darlings, goth/underground events in the city that need a few extra pairs of hands. This is an excellent opportunity to earn amazing free perks, save a few bucks on cover by getting on guest lists, and avoid standing in line to get in.

Talent: If you are a musician, DJ, comedian, perform poetry slam or spoken word, magic, fire display or any other performance artist OR if you are a designer, artist or model of any visual medium, and would like to be considered for one of our events, please contact Talent Liaison.

Merchants: If you would like to become a Participating Merchant, offering a discount to our Card holders in return for targeted advertising, please fill out the application form.

Event Promoters: If you would like to offer our Card holders a discount to your event in return for targeted advertising of your event, please contact the Co-promotional Liaison. If you wish to collaborate on an event with us please contact the Talent Liaison. If you need volunteers to help with your event, in exchange for compensation to the volunteer(s), please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Press: If you wish to interview any of us, conduct a review of any of our events, request us to review or interview your event or group, please contact the Director.

Advertising/Sponsorship: If you would like to advertise on this website or sponsor any of our events, please contact the Advertising & Sponsorship Coordinator.

Anything else, please see the Submissions page or contact the Site Administrator at design at demons and darlings dot com (remove spaces and replace "at" and "dot" with correct symbol).

Please bear in mind that this is a group that caters specifically to the dark alternative community. Don't spam us! We will not respond to requests to find gothic models for GAP ads or anything equally ridiculous.


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